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Desktop 3D Printing Show

3 March 2016

Desktop 3D Printing Show

Presented by iMakr

iMakr are pleased to announce the premier 3D printing event in London this year, the Desktop 3D Printing Show, on March 3rd at 3pm to 9pm at the iMakr Store.

3D printing has come a long way since the hype began in 2000’s. Now that the dust has settled on the industry, the way has cleared for real innovators to blaze a new trail.

iMakr have carefully selected a group of these innovators from all over the world to come together and display the best in 3D technology. Featuring brands from desktop 3D printing to 3D scanners as well as a wide range of exotic filament, the show guarantees to educate and inspire professionals and enthusiasts alike.

In the evening of March 2nd top pioneers in 3D printing will come together to discuss the very latest advances in 3D printing over a meal hosted at the iMakr Store. On the 3rd of March, the doors will open to the public for The Desktop 3D Printing Show of 2016.

The following innovations will be on display:

  • High Speed Printing : Carbon3D-like Gizmo 3D printer and DeltaWASP Turbo
  • Auto-Calibration: Cubicon 3DP
  • High End Material Printing : Rokit’s 3dison AEP Ultem 9085 Printer
  • High Definition 3D Scanners : HP Sprout, EinScan and Fuel3D
  • SLA/DLP Printers : B9Creator and MiiCraft +
  • Food 3D Printing : ChocEdge 3D Printers

To view the speakers list click here

Tickets are available now so register your place for free to ensure you get the chance to see these amazing innovations and meet the people behind them.  You can register your place here.

Polaroid: Made famous for its instant film and cameras, they introduce the ModelSmart 250S 3D Printer.

B9Creator: Using DLP technology and an array of castable resins, B9Creator appeals to Jewellers everywhere.

Cubicon: With it’s fully automated bed leveling and convection temperature control function, perfect prints have never been so effortless.

MiiCraft: The world’s smallest industrial level SLA-based DLP 3D printer dental jewel micro fluid hearing aid application.

Hewart-Packard: Here with HP Sprout, a fully integrated desktop 3D scanning solution.

WASProject: Italian based FDM manufacturers WASP are changing the world, one large scale printer at a time.

Chocedge: The first commercially available chocolate printer.

Ultimaker: Allowing people to create the things they need or want using the technology of 3D printing.

Photocentrics: An affordable LCD desktop 3D printer with a wide range of Photopolymer resins.

Fuel3D: Developers of SCANIFY, is an affordable, high definition hand held scanner.

Rokit: High end material printer, capable of printing Ultem 9085 and other high temperature materials.


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3 March 2016
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