Design, Print
& Scan
on Demand

Need to create a file from an existing object? iMakr can arrange it for you using our high definition David Scanning service.

The new DAVID-SLS-2 scanner employs the innovative Structured Light technology, which allows precise 3D scanning in a matter of seconds. iMakr also offers a print on demand service to help you realise your newly scanned file.

Scanning prices start at just £79 depending on the size of your object.

We also have facilities in store create a full body scan.  This is generally the first step in our Mini-You process, and you can see more about our Mini-You program and prices here. Prices for full body scans begin at £129.

Please contact 0207 404 3828 or for more information or to book an appointment.

Please note: Transparent or shiny objects may need to be coated in order to scan correctly. The powder washes away with water.