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Our Promise

Selecting a 3D printer can be tricky. With so many different specs and innovations available in the market, online reviews and recommendations aren’t usually enough to find the best 3D printer to suit your needs.

All our printers come with a one year warranty, so you can have complete peace of mind when you buy.

Our 3D printing advisers are available at any time for a FREE one-to-one consultation, even for walk in customers. We’ll be happy to discuss your project requirements and to advise you how to best take advantage of 3D printing technology.

We’ll help you answer these key questions:

1. Is 3D printing suitable for my projects?
2. What printing technology and specification is best suited to my needs?
3. What is the best option based on my budget?

iMakr are completely independent from printer manufacturers so we promise that the advice you receive will be unbiased and targeted to your needs. Also, we pre-select and pre-test every printer we offer to ensure that you’re buying only the best 3D printers available on the market today.

We also guarantee that our service won’t stop once you’ve bought your printer. Our expert team of aftercare specialist engineers are on hand to assist you should you have any issues or just want to optimise your printing performance. Should you need to contact us, please send an email to Our engineering team will respond within 24 hours.